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Our Photography Team

A Team of Creative Genius


Say Hello to your personal photography crew. Each member of the Photostudio team has great insight in each aspect of photography and know just how to bring your Zoolander to light.

Photostudio Foundation

The Start of Inspiration


Place Holder Text – Photostudio was inspired by our leaders’ dream to be “The Boss…” As most such dreams she did what she needed and resigned from the corporate photography machine and set out with her broken camera to build Rome.  True as Bob, it was not a minute later and Photostudio turned into the most trusted photography studio in town. Our company has changed advertising photography with street photography, lifestyle photography, fashion photography, and product photography. Every day we take leaps and bounds to land on the moon. 

One snap shot at a time…

Get acquainted with Our Founder.

Ava-Mae Hills AKA the “Boss Lady”, with 15 years of experience as a  photographer and 2 years war photography coverage you can be sure that she always has an action plan to get the best photograph for the service selected.


Year - 2008.

Photostudio has dedicated a lifetime of photography practice to make it possible to time travel back to unforgettable moments in your life since it's foundation in 2008.

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Our Mission

Is to provide superior quality photography services that: is recommended by people who you know, Marketing Companies prefer for their clients, Employees want to be a part of, attract Investors.

Our Promise

Is to give our customers the most compelling photo shoot experience possible.